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Please note that OUR A-LEVEL PUBLICATIONS ARE ONLY VALID for the examinations in the summer of this year 2018 AND examinations in the summer of next year 2019. This is because the Edexcel Arabic A-level specification HAS BEEN COMPLETELY CHANGED. You can get all the information from the following links:

(a) New specification

(b) Sample Assessment Papers
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Al Liss wal Kilab - The Thief and the Dogs CD
Al Liss wal Kilab Film - The Thief and the Dogs Film (VCD)
Our Price: £6.00

Al Liss wal Kilab - The Thief and the Dogs CD
Al-Liss wal Kilab Front Cover
Al-Liss wal Kilab - The Thief and the Dogs (A2)
Our Price: £7.50

This book, al-Liss wal-Kilab (the Thief and the Dogs), contains the requirement for the first Text (literary option) of the final A-level, or A2, year.

It includes:
  • A brief biography of the author Naguib Mahfouz.
  • A summary of the novel.
  • A description of the personality of Sa’id Mahran, the main character in the novel, and discussion of the factors that have contributed to this.
Important Issues Front Cover
Important Issues - General Certificate of Education Advanced 2 (A2)
Our Price: £9.90

  • Outline of Edexcel's Arabic A2 specification.
  • Covers the topic areas of the Edexcel specification in 21 user-friendly 2-page spreads.
  • New vocabulary, with English meanings, introduced in every topic.
  • Uses a broad variety of teaching methods: descriptive texts, news items etc.
Kalilah wa Dimnah Front Cover
Kalilah wa Dimnah - General Certificate of Education (A2)
Our Price: £7.50

  • Brief account of the book and the translator Ibn al-Muqaffa.
  • Summaries of all the stories of the book.
  • Summaries of all sub-stories (stories within the main stories), linking them to their mother stories.
  • Discusses the moral od each story.
Qindil Umm Hashimi Front Cover
Qindil Umm Hashim
Our Price: £7.50

  • A brief biography of the author Yahya Haqqi.
  • A summary of the story.Four essays providing a description of Ismail, the main character in the story, and explaining the factors that formed his personality, his strengths and weaknesses, and the distinct stages of his life.
  • Five essays and one task dealing with the other characters of the story and their interaction with the main character.
  • Five essays and two tasks discussing the two main themes of the story: Science and belief, and the saviour.
The Grammar and Writing Guide Front Cover
The Grammar and Writing Guide (A-level)
Our Price: £10.90

  • The first guide of its kind, written specifically for the Writing Part of the of the Arabic GCE/AS and GCE/A2 examinations.
  • Based on the general topics laid out in Edexcel's Arabic Specification. Includes a concise, yet adequate, presentation of the grammar topics required at A-level.
  • Includes detailed advice, with examples, on punctuation, style and handwriting. Introduces planning for the writing tasks and lists the methods normally used, including mind-maps with step-by-step instructions and examples.