MM Books is a series of Educational books designed to aid students studying the Arabic language at varying levels of study. 

All books are based on the latest Edexcel syllabus/specification.  
Inspection copies may be ordered for schools only. 

For more information, please ring, email or post your address and we shall send you full information on our publications: 

 101 Tudor Avenue, Worcester Park, Surrey KT4 8TU, UK Phone/fax: 0208 337 7552 

Carnival 2 Front Cover Carnival 1 Workbook Front Cover The Grammar, Translation and Writing Guide - GCSE Bundle Carnival 3 Front Cover
Carnival 2
Our Price: £8.90
Carnival 1 Workbook
Our Price: £3.90
Carnival 3
Our Price: £10.90
Carnival 1 Front Cover Carnival 3 Workbook Front Cover Your Arabic Friend Front Cover Al-Liss wal Kilab Front Cover
Carnival 1
Our Price: £8.90
Carnival 3 Workbook
Our Price: £3.90
Talk With Me Front Cover Qindil Umm Hashimi Front Cover My Little World Front Cover Kalilah wa Dimnah Front Cover